Paola Rojas breaks down in tears for an emotional message that her children recorded

Paola Rojas breaks down in tears for an emotional message that her children recorded. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in Mexico today, May 10, the journalist and host shared via Instagram an clip that the production of Netas Divinas recorded for her twins to send her an affectionate and even funny message to remind her of the “brilliant and fantastic” mother she is.

For Paula Rojas, his sons Paulo and Leonardo Alves dos Santos Rojas, 10 years old, are his world. When he talks about them, he is overflowing with praise, showing off their achievements and sharing what surprises and admires him most about them, since he has said that they are focused, generous and loving children.

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On one occasion, he shared with his Netas Divinas Consuelo Duval, Daniel Magún and Natalia Téllez that they defended a girl because some boys did not let her play soccer because she was a girl and not a boy. For the journalist this action meant everything because it speaks of the awareness that their children have about issues as important as gender equity.

But now the roles have been reversed because they were her children who expressed their love for her through a clip which was previously recorded by the Netas Divinas team to share it within the framework of Mother’s Day.

The first to speak was Paulo, who first said the following: “My mom is a net for being brilliant, fantastic and funny”. Then she shared the two best tips she has received from the communicator “support with what we can and put ourselves in the shoes of others.”

With great feeling, Paulo added “this message is for my mom, I love you very much, thank you very much for always supporting me. I love you very much, you are a very good person, you are brilliantI love you so much, happy Mother’s Day.” He uttered these words as he moved his hands, showing that he was very emotional as he recorded the message in front of Netas Divinas’ camera.

Meanwhile, Leonardo was very punctual with his message by saying “Hello, Happy Mother’s Day”pausing briefly to finally say “goodbye!” with a certain tenderness and humor, which made Paola Rojas go from crying to laughing, just like her companions on the program.

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By sharing the clip on your Instagram account, the journalist wrote “my best gift”, accompanied by a heart, and still put “happy day to all moms.” In the comments they read “how cute, each one expressed himself in his own way”, “your children are incredible! You are brilliant! I loved!” and “a mother who inspires a lot”.

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