Paola Rojas joins Opinion 51, for better journalism

The journalist today surprised us with a new news, she joins Opinion 51a platform that brings together the most talented women journalists in the country, a space in which transparency, rights and respect for all women will be ensured.

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Opinion 51 is the first digital platform of opinion by subscription, which was born to have a free space in which the freedom of expression of each of the columnists is supported, this without being censored in any of their publications.

The name of this digital platform was born due to the percentage of women that we are in Mexico, 51% of the population. The platform has been a real success, since so far 150 columns and more than 20 thousand readings have been made.

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Here we talk about many topics such as politics, economy, corruption, denunciation, education, environment, business, travel and lifestyle. With this information, it is an honor to know that the voice of Paola Rojas will be part of this initiative, and this is how she communicated it on social networks:

An honor to share this tribute with journalists whom I admire and love. I celebrate this collective effort to work for women. Together we are much stronger

His followers immediately began to fill the section with many congratulations.

From today the photographer Mariana Yazbek will exhibit the portraits of each of them in Oasis Coyoacán, so Paola Rojas did not hesitate to share her photography on networks and a small text in it explains her career, presuming that she has more than 20 years in the media.

Pamela Sardeira, Stephanie Lewis and Sandra Romandía are the co-founders of this impressive platform, all successful women in journalism. These were some of her words, where two important points stand out, freedom of expression and gender equity.

Opinion 51 is a meeting point that emerges in a context in which freedom of expression and gender equality in Mexico seek to open more and more spaces and generate social awareness in the different areas of national life.

in good time for Paola Rojasanother achievement in her brilliant career as a journalist, she is one of the women who inspire, as she is the example that the road is not easy, but with discipline, effort and a lot of preparation it is possible, congratulations on this achievement.

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