Paola Rojas welcomes spring with a butterfly dress

The Televisa journalist is one of the most talented women in the information world, who also enjoys posing with beautiful outfits, that is why today she inaugurated spring wearing a butterfly dress who wore his charms.

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Paola Rojas She is one of the most talented and beautiful women on Mexican television, who today shared a photograph with which she decided to welcome spring. The journalist wore a butterfly-type dress, and it is so because she simulates the wings of this beautiful insect.

The driver chose this garment in gold and had an opening above her abdomen. Her accessories could not be missing, so she added a necklace with a pendant in shades of blue, which she combined perfectly with her heels with a very modern design.

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Her makeup only included black eyeliner and nude lips, while her hair was loose and wavy. Paola Rojas He accompanied this publication with a message, “Happy start of spring, thanks for joining me”, this woman is beautiful, since she not only celebrated the beginning of this season.

Today, March 21, the World Down Syndrome Dayfor which the journalist had two special guests on her morning newscast, a talented flamenco dancer and a little boy who helped them with the preparations for the program.

And that was not the whole day today, since Paola Rojas shared a thoughtful column about the situation that Ukraine is experiencing at the hands of Vladimir Putin, an unnecessary war that is ending the lives of many innocents, this text is entitled Liberator? or dictator?

It has caused a lot of controversy since it was published on social networks, so I invite you to take a look at it. So far they are the only news that the journalist has shared on social networks, although we are sure that in the course of days there will be more news.

Whether it’s about her work life or a little about her personal life, which she talks about openly in Netas Divinas, a super dynamic and fun program, where all kinds of topics are touched on, but the hosts talk about them from their experiences and with invitations from experts.

We will keep you abreast of any news that arises on social networks, remember that you can see her daily on her morning news, where this talented woman informs you about the most important events in Mexico and the world.