Papis Loveday talks about jungle Zoff with Lucas Cordalis

Updated on 01/28/2023 11:44 am

  • Model Papis Loveday is out of the jungle camp.
  • At times, the 46-year-old was even considered a favorite, but had to admit defeat to his fellow campers shortly before the final.
  • In a telephone interview with our editors, he talks about the jungle Zoff with Lucas Cordalis, about his mother’s letter and what he treated himself to when he was out.

Hi daddiesHow are you?

That’s a question you usually answer out there in life: I’m fine. But I answer after the jungle camp: I’m disappointed. Sure, I would have liked to have brought the crown home. But I am grateful that many have given me the crown from the heart. And I won the hearts of many people.

Aren’t you sad you got kicked out?

I’m not sad, because if you’re allowed out of this tough experiment, you’ll meet your friends again. And you eat again. I think sad would be too big a word for it.

Model Papis Loveday had to leave the camp. The jungle camp also runs on RTL +.

© RTL / Stefan Thoyah

You just mentioned the topic of food: Who is cooking in the camp now?

I have no idea who is going to cook now. I have to Jolina Mennen told her to cook. But I wish, and I’m quite sure, that nobody will be able to match my culinary style (laughs).

You could actually publish a cookbook with your jungle recipes right now, right?

That’s what I intend to do and will work on it. I really want to do a cookbook because I think it’s funny: A top model makes a cookbook (laughs). But it goes well together, I will cook each dish in a different style – there is a matching look for every meal.

So like in the jungle, where you presented a different look every day?

That comes from the moderators Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen, who turned it into a battle: They said you always look the same. And so I thought, now I’ll show you that you can make many styles out of a few things – two pants, two shirts, two shorts.

Papis Loveday on Lucas Cordalis: “He’s not authentic”

I’m really looking forward to the cookbook and style book.

This will be amazing, it will blow your mind!

Back to the jungle again. In the past few days there was a lot of trouble after the jungle test Gigi Birofio, Lucas Cordalis and you. How did you experience Lucas on this exam?

Our differences or differing opinions had nothing to do with the exam. I gave everything in the exam, everyone always gives everything in the exams. But apparently he felt bad, he probably thought he wasn’t giving enough and got upset. Then he said this sentence, which sounded like implied accusations and I gave my opinion on that. How were different views. This caused a commotion in the camp because I am very direct. If something upsets me, I clarify it in a loud voice – my voice is loud, I’m African. But that’s not meant in a bad way and without ulterior motives. I then slept on it, got up and said to Lucas, “Let’s forget that.” He also had nothing more to say, I had nothing more to say. When we see each other, we laugh like they do in showbiz. But he won’t be my friend anymore.

Does he seem authentic to you?

After this sentence of his I would say: he is not authentic.

How did you experience Gigi Birofio at the camp?

I liked Gigi straight away, his Italian style, he’s funny. Typical Italian. A friendship was born there because he loves his mama like I love my mama. His father is just like my father. So when I was 23, I saw him as a little brother or a little me. And he sees me as a role model. That makes me very proud.

Keyword proud: On the day there was mail, you received a letter from your mother in which she wrote that she was proud of you. What does that mean to you?

I don’t know how RTL managed that my mother wrote me a letter for the very first time. And write these five words for the very first time: I’m proud of you. She always meant it, but never said it. It’s a bit difficult for our culture to put it into words. So I’m actually not disappointed that I’m out now, because I won my mother’s heart.

“Incredible how you can miss such things!”

Will you visit her now?

Yes absolutely. It’s already planned, I’ll visit her in March. The job is waiting in February, but in March I’ll be with my mom for the whole month.

One last question, what was the first thing you did when you got out?

(Laughs) It’s going to sound stupid, here it comes: Normally everyone eats something when they come out. I went straight to the minibar in the hotel and got myself an orange juice. It’s always the first drink I have at home in the morning. And I emptied a bag of peanuts with salt! Ahhhhh! Salt! Ahhhhh! I haven’t eaten salt for what feels like a hundred years. Ahhhhh! The bag was empty in two minutes. I first dipped my fingers really nicely in the salt, it was incredible. It’s amazing how people can miss things like this.

Thank you for the interview!

After the jungle test: Papis and Gigi shoot against Lucas

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