Paquita la del Barrio leaves the show in a wheelchair, what is her state of health?

It is no secret to anyone that Paquita la del Barrio has had several health problems In recent years, and despite his deterioration, he has continued to give concerts, but not like before, since he has been seen everywhere with a wheelchair for a long time.

And again, the renowned singer alarmed her fans after leave a show in a wheelchair, according to journalist Inés Moreno, who revealed that the artist is in poor health and had to leave in the middle of a concert that took place at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, California.

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“She went to a show that they recorded and they said that they saw Paquita la del Barrio very exhausted, that even in the middle of the show they had to take her in a wheelchair and that they already saw her very diminished and in poor health,” he explained. the communicator.

After making this news known, Inés Moreno contacted Francisco Torres, manager of Paquita la del Barrio to find out her state of health, who explained that the Mexican known as La Guerrillera del Bolero “she is feeling bad”that’s why he has to be in his wheelchair most of the time.

“Not so much as delicate, but it is wrong. Yes, suddenly she feels bad, but not delicate, we continue programming shows and everything, but well, she does feel bad, she went to study, that’s why she came out low in some things, but well, we cannot miss her age ”, commented.

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Apparently, the successful 75-year-old singer is not delicate, however, her representative assured that on more than one occasion He has presented himself to shows with discomfort and discomfortnoting that due to her age, concerts have become a bit more difficult for her.

“He is making an effort to get the shows out and he does tell me, ‘I feel bad, but he goes on stage and transforms, that is, he tries and he goes down and it’s as if I could, until now that hasn’t happened to us. We are taking care of her to do quiet shows, and little things spaced out, we don’t do a lot of media for the same thing, but there it goes, but there are many things that she can no longer do ”, she pointed out.

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