Paquita la del Barrio will seek to lose weight for health | Famous

Paquita of the neighborhood75, explained that has gained weight due to the multiple medications that have been given to him in recent months, during which time his health has been impaired. Therefore, the singer is determined to lose a few poundsMainly for your well-being.

I got fat I think from so much medicine they gave mebecause I had already gone down quite a bit, but I’m going to try to lose a few kilos“He said in an interview taken up by Hoy. Of course, he made it clear that he will do it without pressure involved:” Not forced, eh! I don’t like that nobody forced me“.

“I was hit by a thrombosis because I was on a flight to the United States and the plane was freezing, out of pity I didn’t tell the stewardesses to take it down to the cold and that’s how I put up with it,” he explained.

Although he was able to recover and resume his career, he has also reported severe pain in his legs. He said that at a recent concert in Veracruz he fell, which intensified his discomfort. “There was nowhere to hold on and I think my body got so stressed that then I started to feel the pain in my leg,” she said.

On January 26, 2022, Paquita announced through a statement on her Instagram account that she suffers from sciatic nerve pain. Regarding this, he said that as soon as he finishes a series of concerts in Mexico, he will go to the specialists to continue with the treatment he is undergoing.

“I hope to finish with these dates and go see the doctors who are treating me, they are telling me that they’re going to give me some injections to kill the nervethen when I finish my commitments I will have to go see them,” he added.

Paquita la del Barrio remains seated during her concerts

The interpreter of ‘Two-legged rat’ has drawn attention in recent days since she has been seen doing her live performances sitting on stage all the time, she was even caught moving in a wheelchair before giving a show in Puebla on May 10 (Mother’s Day in Mexico).

“What do I have left, I better sit there in the chair and since they ask me for the songs that they are, but sitting down you no longer feel so much pain,” she is heard saying in the recent interview she gave to El Gordo and La Flaca.

Paquita la del Barrio was alarmed by her state of health

In January 2022, Francisca Viveros Barradas, the artist’s real name, alarmed her thousands of followers by posting a video from her bed confessing that she was not in good health.

The singer was dismayed and found it difficult to speak because she had to cancel one of her concerts in Guanajuato.

“Unfortunately I am not well. They did a treatment on Saturday and I have to rest for two or three weeks, in reality I cannot walk very well, I cannot. It makes me very sad not to be with you because you know that I have never failed you” Paquita said from her room in a clip on Instagram referring to the intense pain she had been experiencing in the sciatic nerve.