Parents who decided to support and respect the sexual orientation of their children and give lessons – Nueva Mujer

Some Famous They have taken it upon themselves to give parenting lessons by showing themselves free of stereotypes. They decided to breed with love instead of hatred Y acceptance instead of rejection, to open their arms to their children and shelter them in the midst of a society that judges those who maintain a sexual orientation different.

These fathers have left as the main teaching that what really matters is to love the sons they are as they are.

Although many people claim not to be homophobic when it is suggested that the possibility of a child being gay or lesbian the alarms imposed by the rejection to the different

However, these patterns have been changing and more and more parents accept and respect their children.

Celebrities who teach parenting lessons by accepting their children’s sexual orientation

Rene Strickler

The actor was recently applauded on his social media after he proudly posted photos of his son’s wedding. Yannick Strickler with your partner Manuel Alonso Cardenas.

Strickler gave his blessing and welcome to Cardenas to his family, showing that what really matters to him is the well-being of his firstborn.

Raul Araiza

Camila Araiza, presenter’s daughter, recently told about her release in the middle of the celebration of the LGBT+ pride. The young woman posed with her current partner, the model Camila Solórzano, and claimed to feel free and happy.

His words were supported for her father who showed her all his support and accompanied her in her process.

“This, as my daughter spoke to me a long time ago, I told her: ‘Live your dreams, they are not mine’… I believe that adults have to break with those molds with which we were educated. I have been very traditional in everything, but I love the community, I have great friends and I have great experiences with the community and it makes me something very important, not because my daughter has decided to open it, but because anyone…”, expressed the host of Hoy in a meeting with the press outside Televisa.

Marlon Wayans

“Happy Pride month to my pride and joy. I would not change anything about you. I love you to the moon around the sun through the galaxies and back, ”wrote the actor and comedian on his social networks along with a photo of his daughter, Amai, who declared herself a lesbian.

Carlos Vives

The Colombian singer revealed that he has left as a teaching to his sons do everything with love, being what really matters, so he didn’t care that Lucy go out with girls or boys.

“I have always told my children that in all their actions there is always love. When they called me to tell me about the kiss, I did not worry, what is behind that symbol is surely something very important to her, “she said during an interview.

Dwyane Wade

The former basketball player has been proud of Zaya, her transgender daughter and on more than one occasion he has shown all his support.

“My wife, Gabrielle Union, and I are parents to a little boy from the LGBTQ+ community and we are proud of it. We take our roles as parents and our responsibilities very seriously,” Wade said during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show.