Paris Hilton poses in red lingerie

There are many ways to spend christmas and celebrate these dates, but the important thing is to be comfortable and happy, living together, enjoying and giving the people we care about the most a meaningful gift that makes them smile, so it doesn’t have to be something expensive or something exclusive, but rather something that remember why the date is important, because there is harmony.

For this reason, celebrities do not forget their fans during parties on important dates and although they cannot be in direct face-to-face contact with all those who follow them, they can do so through the networks and that is how Paris Hilton took the opportunity to delight with her lovely figure.

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The actress, singer, heiress, socialite, DJ, businesswoman and designer looks beautiful at 41 and enchants her fans with a series of photographs in which poses in red lingerie And boy does it cause sighs among her followers, who tell her that she looks gorgeous.

Paris Hilton in lingerie

More beautiful than ever, Paris Hilton splurge beauty with a lingerie set very flirtatious that she completes with a Santa Claus hat and classic stiletto shoes also in red, thus looking daring, flirtatious, seductive and very attractive.

Paris Hilton makes a special Christmas gift to her fans by posing in lingerie

Paris Hilton gives her fans a special Christmas gift by posing in lingerie. PHOTO: Instagram @parishilton

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She poses next to a classically and simply decorated Christmas tree, which stands in a room next to a fireplace and Christmas presents. The photo shoot is a treat in itself for Paris Hilton fans and she writes in her post: “Riding the Christmas sleigh in red this Christmas” complete with heart, flame and fire emojis. Christmas tree. (SEE THE PHOTOS HERE)

In some images we see her with a beautiful red stuffed coat and she also wears mesh cloth gloves, a jeweled necklace, stockings and garter belt, totally flirtatious, attractive and with a feminine delicacy that only someone like her could achieve.

Christmas the Paris Hilton Style

In the comments they wish you Merry Christmas, they tell you what it looks like the most flirtatious Barbie and they fill her with heart emojis, making it clear that this daring but festive outfit is just what makes several of her fans happy for Christmas.

This year, Paris Hilton also remembered the date by sharing some images of past years with her family, with her parents and her sister Nicky Hilton, emphasizing the fact that as children they were dressed in coordinated outfits. (SEE HER POST HERE)

And in another publication, she wears an elegant pink and purple print dress with details in the form of a silver bow, asking her followers what they will do for Christmas and of course, she looks so beautiful that even her husband Carter Reum leaves several heart emojis.

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