Paris Hilton would be the replacement of Amber Heard in ‘Aquaman’, reveals producer of Warner

United States.- A few days ago Amber Heard He ended all the rumors that were being said on social networks about his possible departure from the second installment of “Aquaman”, because during the trial he maintains against his former partner, Johnny Deepassured that he is out of all future projects that they have with the saga of the king of the oceans.

Now, a new rumor took “Aquaman” fans by surprise, as it is claimed that Warner Bros He had already found the replacement for Heard, and this would be nothing more and nothing less than the socialite Paris Hilton.

With information from People magazine, it was revealed that through the stories of Instagramthe company’s executive producer, Juliette Lauren Fischerwas the one who announced the change of celebrities, which has caused a lot of surprise.

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After this statement, it seems that Amber’s departure from the franchise is definitive, which would not be a novelty, since her image is being very worn with the legal mess she has against Johnny Depp, in addition to the almost four million signatures that were collected by fans to get her out of the second part of the superhero movie Marvel.

Amber Heard confirmed her departure from the film and from future projects with the character. Photo: Special.

It is said that the production house would have found in Paris the perfect replacement to play “Mera”, since the executive producer of Warner Bros Discoverysupposedly would have shared the casting of the DJ and businesswoman in her Instagram stories, but so far nothing has been confirmed.

In recent days, the actress originally from Austin, Texasrevealed that for the second part of the film, the executives of Marvel they made the decision to reduce the participation of his character, so he would only appear on screen for just 10 minutes.

Producer Juliette Lauren Fischer was the one who announced the change of celebrities. Photo: Special.

This decision was celebrated by fans and followers, both of the franchise and of Johnny Deep. But, it is said that Paris is not to her liking so that she plays “Mera” on the tape, they pointed out that they are happy because she will no longer be the ex-wife of the interpreter of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Recall that the first appearance of the character of “Mera” was in the movie “The Justice League”, later he was given more time in the first installment of “Aquaman”, a superhero brought to life by the actor Jason Momoa.

Now it only remains to wait for the replacement of the interpreter to be formally announced.

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