Paris Jackson: Her concert only attracts 30 people, she still rocks!

When your name is Jackson, when you’ve seen your father and his aunts and uncles on the biggest stages in the world, you could say to yourself that you couldn’t bear to play in front of a half-full bar. Corn Paris-Jackson is not of this genre: the young woman, who will be 24 in a few days, performed in front of a half-full room in Los Angeles this weekend.

In full tour, the one who has now adopted a style more grunge than pop did not let herself be destabilized by the absence of an audience and played her new songs as planned. Accompanied by a guitar and dressed in a very loose dress, she put on the show as a rock star. Her boho-chic look included a long loose crochet dress, as well as a cardigan and lots of necklaces and bracelets.

Significant detail: her dress, very low-cut, revealed her (many) tattoos. Michael Jackson’s daughter, in any case, seems to want to persist in music, she who has also embarked on comedy! Indeed, for the past few months, she has appeared in various projects including the series American Horror Storiesby Ryan Murphy, in which she played a rather substantial role.

In any case, it is the only one of the three children of Michael Jackson to have decided to embark on the media scene. Projected under the spotlight during the tribute to her father, when she was only eleven years old, she went through very dark hours with several stays in a psychiatric hospital before finding her way.