Paris Jackson shares RARE details about her father Michael

Paris Jackson gave an interview to PopSugar. She spoke of some of the lessons his famous father instilled in him before he passed away in 2009.I was raised by a hippie guy who loved free love, so we were taught that beauty came from within – and I still believe that today.“, has explained the musician and model.

The 24-year-old says growing up in the public eye as part of one of entertainment’s most famous families led her to have a complicated relationship with beauty.Recently I have learned to cope with all of this by practicing self-love and positive affirmations and diving deeper into my spiritual life.“, said the daughter of the King of Pop.

It’s only been in the last two years that I’ve started to feel really good about myself and about my body, to feel good about myself. These moments of self-love don’t happen 24 hours a day, but the bad moments are increasingly rare.

Paris wants to help redefine the “standard model” of beauty using advice from Michael Jackson.

The Jackson kids rarely talk about their dad, but they’ve shared snippets of their life with the music legend in recent years. Paris has previously spoken about how her father instilled a strong work ethic and eclectic musical tastes in his children.My dad made sure we were cultured and educated, and didn’t just show us glitz and glamour, hotels and five-star venues“, told Paris to Naomi Campbell in her YouTube series “No Filter“.

Growing up, it was all about winning things. If we wanted five toys, we had to read five books“, she asserted.It’s about earning them, not just being entitled to certain things or thinking “Oh, I got that”. It’s like working for it, working hard for it – it’s, it’s something completely different. It’s an accomplishment.