Participant of ‘Protagonistas de Nuestra Tele’, emergency surgery after an infection due to perforation

Katerin Peláez, remembered by Colombians for her participation in the reality show Protagonists of Our TVbut also for running as a candidate for the Medellín Council in 2019, she had to undergo emergency surgery for an infection in one of her ears.

This January 5, the model and businesswoman told her million followers on Instagram that she should undergo surgery because she was infected after getting a perforation.

Katerin Pelaez
Katerin Peláez has a clothing business. – Photo: @katerinpelaezp

Fortunately, she attended a medical center on time, where the otolaryngologist decided to operate on her urgently. Otherwise, there was the possibility of deformation.

“The cartilage can die and the ear can lose its shape, that is, be left with a deformity called the cauliflower deformity. What we have to do is drain those points, remove all the pus, wash that cartilage well and, if necessary, put something here that puts pressure on it so that it doesn’t pick up again. She will need antibiotic treatment,” said the doctor who diagnosed Katerin Peláez.

To make matters worse, the content producer had to undergo surgery with local anesthesia, although the general one was recommended, but since she had not fasted, that option was ruled out. If she did not fast, it was because she did not imagine that she would be operated on.

“This drainage is done in two ways, with local anesthesia or with general anesthesia, but fasting for even eight hours is required”explained the doctor.

Katerin Peláez, former star of Nuestra Tele
This is how Katerin Peláez was after surgery – Photo: @katerinpelaezp

Fortunately for Peláez, her passage through the operating room was a success, although that did not prevent her from watering her eyes when she left a message to those who were watching her.

“I was passing by to tell you how it went: good. That one is alive is already a great blessing, they don’t know how painful it was, despite the fact that there, at the El Rosario clinic, they were very special to me. The ENT doctor Jorge Pineda was a sun, all his work team, but it was very painful because there was a point at which the anesthesia did not work on me, so I felt it too tense. I know that the Lord is using me as an instrument to reach many of you,” he said.

Surgery a success

Peláez affirmed that if she got infected it was because she was ambitious, since she had more than one piercing on her body but she insisted on getting more. According to her, God gave her the opportunity to share her testimony with her followers so that they would not go through the same situation.

“Sometimes it happens to us that we always see the glass as half full, what we already have is never enough, and we always want and want more and that is where we fail as human beings, due to ambition,” he stated at the beginning.

But then, moved, she added: “I wanted a piercing as if the six I already had were not enough, so I thank God because I know that he is using me as an instrument to give them a message, especially to young people. What we already have is never enough for us and this makes us detract from how blessed one is. Take care of yourselves, health is everything, if you don’t have health, you have absolutely nothing. Thanks to those who wrote to me and cared about me. Thank God I came on time.”

Katerin Peláez, former star of Nuestra Tele
Katerin Peláez with her family. – Photo: @katerinpelaezp

It is worth remembering that Katerin Peláez has two children, Emanuel and María Celesta, and that, in addition to producing content on Instagram, she has two businesses: one is her clothing brand, Susurro Divino, with close to half a million followers on that social network, and his line dedicated to skin care, called Divine Essence.