Party of the stars is totally out of control – Knossi pulls the emergency brake

The stars out "7 vs Wild" held a party in Saarbrücken for the season finale.

The stars from “7 vs. Wild” held a party in Saarbrücken for the season finale.picture: knossi/instagram


Jennifer Ullrich

On December 28th, the finale of the second “7 vs. Wild” season was uploaded to Youtube. While many fans watched the episode on the same evening, the stars around Fritz Meinecke held a wild final party in Saarbrücken at the same time. Many clips later ended up online and documented the exuberant atmosphere. However, there was also a critical moment that prompted Knossi to interrupt the celebration.

“7 vs. Wild” stars celebrate exuberantly

The participants of the YouTube show mingled with their fans in the A8 nightclub in Saarbrücken until the early hours of the morning. Among other things, you can see how Fritz Meinecke gets a bra thrown from the crowd (he later celebrates shirtless) and crowd surfing with the original “Intex Seahawk 2” boat from the series. In addition, there is loud music on the ears.

Fritz Meinecke is happy about a bra from a fan.

Fritz Meinecke is happy about a bra from a fan.Image: knossi/instagram

Among other things, Knossi’s Instagram story read: “People just threw up shoes, shirts, ID cards, cell phones, banknotes and everything they had with them.”

Recordings of the party went viral, especially on Tiktok. “Full with us,” Knossi was as amazed as he was enthusiastic. A fan even spoke of the “best party of the year” and thanked for an “unforgettable evening”. The celebration was organized at short notice. The club managed to get the event up and running within 24 hours, reports the “Saarbrücker Zeitung”.

Knossi interrupts “7 vs. Wild” party

However, there was an incident in the evening. Knossi suddenly discovered a female fan among the revelers who was apparently not doing well and immediately raised the alarm:

“Wait a minute, get her out of there! Very quickly, very quickly! Nobody should get hurt, nobody should get sick.”

After Knossi’s announcement, the music stopped for a brief moment and the person in question was taken care of. In the Tiktok comments below the video, the Twitch streamer gets a lot of praise for his instant response. A user says: “It’s amazing how quickly he reacted. One second party, next second ‘stop, someone get them out quickly’.”

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