Pascacio López, former Ivonne Montero and Iran Castillo, arrested for alleged abuse

was a couple of Ivonne Montero and Iran Castillobut he was also the boyfriend of Sara Nichols, who accused Pascacio Lopez for allegedly having sexually abused her in Guadalajara.

The actor was arrested and brought before the authorities of Jalisco, after they issued an arrest warrant against him issued by a Judge of Control, Oral Trial and Criminal Execution Specialized in Violence against women, of the Supreme Court of Justice of Power Court of the State of Jalisco.

The victim’s lawyers explained that they trust that an order will be issued linking Pascacio to the process.

For a long time, there has been talk that Pascacio is violent.

A few months ago, Vanessa Bauche denounced him for violence during the recordings of the series “War of Neighbors”, because she felt “humiliated and denigrated” by Pascacio.

For her part, Ivonne Montero had revealed that she ended up with him due to psychological violence that she lived by her side. In an interview with ‘Ventaneando’, the actress recounted that after falling in love, “there comes a time when it begins ‘who wrote to you, why did you take off your coat’. After a while it was that if there was someone, it was arguing because I had inadvertently turned around to see the person, he told me ‘you are such and such, you are this…’ He was violating me, my surroundings, my home, my daughter came to witness these situations, I had to call the police, she lived with fear. I restricted him from everything, because an impressive harassment began”.