Pascal Demolon: the overwhelming role of his daughter in his career

Pascal Demolon is currently starring in the series Face to face on France 3 alongside Constance Gay and Claire Borotra. And let’s say it, he offers an exceptional composition. However, this immense talent of the small and the big screen could have, without the intervention of his daughter, stopped his career. Explanations…

He has what we call a movie face. He also has the rocky voice that goes with it and each of his appearances is like a small miracle. Accuracy, precision, Pascal Demolon does not come from the seraglio, he does not belong to a great dynasty of actors, but it is an essential part of the job. For two weeks, viewers can follow him alongside the impeccable Claire Borotra and the stunning Constance Gay in the series Face to face broadcast on France 3. The series rewarded at the Luchon Festival could well see his love rating climb in the coming weeks as the dialogues, with a knife, hit the mark, so much the chemistry between the actors works. Pascal Demolon embodies a police commissioner married to one of the two heroines, and brother-in-law “half” of the second. A situation between comedy and drama from which he emerges brilliantly.

She always had faith in him

The actor born in Soissons in 1964 is not one of those to experience immediate success. Pascal Demolon is the son of a cleaning lady and a roofer. The latter died when his son was only 12 years old, forcing his family to move to Reims in a city. Becoming an actor is then unthinkable; however, after seeing a film by the Charlots at 11, and being overwhelmed by the reaction of viewers, Pascal Demolon decided to follow this path and went to study at the International Acting in Paris. At the same time, there are odd jobs, in particular becoming opener at the Gaumont cinema in Reims. His career began timidly and for 25 years the actor appeared in turn in film or television in supporting roles. He continues to live, works as a cashier or drug tester.

At 45, however, the actor is tired of this precarious situation and plans to drop everything. This is where her then 8-year-old daughter comes in, handing her a piece of paper on which is written Don’t worry dad, we’ll get there. Pascal Demolon decides to hang on and take everywhere with him this pretty word of love. Since – chance or coincidence? – fate kindly smiled at the actor who appeared in All That Glitters, Radiostars, Peplum, Kaamelott, Mothers Day Where In Therapy. The comedian says enjoy because he knows “that everything can end“. We like his daughter, we believe in him.