Pataclau | Carlos Alcántara denounces unauthorized sale of the ‘Pataclaun’ album | NNDC | SHOWS

Indignant. The comic actor Carlos Alcántara, remembered as ‘Machín’ in the popular series ‘Pataclaun’, expressed his discomfort on social networks after he found an image that promoted an album of the remembered production, without proper authorization.

Very upset, the popular ‘Cachín’ pointed out to the publisher that he was selling the collectible that he did not have the necessary authorization to offer the product and left him a strong message.

“Not only have we been exploited in some channels, but now they also release an album without our consent and continue to profit from us as if nothing”, he pointed.

After his outrage, the response messages to his publication were immediate. “The media, to which without realizing it you belong”, answered automatically a user, who would not expect the answer from the protagonist of ‘Asu Mare’.

“Without noticing? Of course I realize, that’s why I protest!”, replied without hesitation, Alcantara.

This would not be the first time that ‘Cachín’ refers to some controversy with ‘Pataclaun‘. A few years ago, Alcántara protested because Latina, the channel where the program began broadcasting, was still broadcasting the series and generating profits; the same that he did not share with the other actors.

Pataclaun‘ was a comedy series that was broadcast by the signal of Resistencia Latina (now Latina) in the late 1990s and early 2000s. In this program, Carlos Alcántara, Wendy Ramos, Gonzalo Torres, Johanna San Miguel and Carlos Carlín showed an irreverent humor that made them reach stardom.