Pati Chapoy, the journalist who has earned millions of dollars

Pati Chapoy’s name is known by almost everyone who watches television in Mexicofor leading one of the programs dedicated to show and show business in the country and internationally for just over 25 years called: windowing.

For this reason, Chapoy is considered one of the most influential women in the country, as she is backed by a decades-long career dedicated to entertainment journalism. Given such a trajectory and being one of the most important pieces on TV Azteca, the question of many is: How much money will she receive for her work?

After his beginnings were in Televisa, at the hands of the powerful host of ‘Siempre en Domingo’, the influential Raúl Velasco, he had several difficulties in keeping his position in that company, so he ended up switching to TV Azteca, which , opened a vacancy for her that would make the driver a resounding success and that would make her collect a millionaire fortune.

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Pati Chapoy, the journalist who has earned millions of dollars

Pati Chapoy, the journalist who has earned millions of dollars. Photo: Facebook.

“La Verdad Noticias” is the media outlet that has stated that the main driver of “Ventaneando” has a millionaire accumulated salary of 4.2 million dollars, a salary that is far from what drivers like Galilea Montijo could be earning, who receives about 2 million dollars.

The program “Ventaneando” was undeniable, it has managed to remain for so many years due to its high audience levels, in which Pati Chapoy not only experienced great professional growth but also economic growth, since it positioned itself as one of the programs with the highest rating. in terms of shows.

Without, until now, Pati Chapoy’s program having direct competition on Mexican television, since it has superseded all the attempts that have been made to compete with the broadcast, which has consolidated the journalist as the star host, Well, in addition, his program continues to be that of the exclusives of the intimacies of the famous.

It should be clarified that the 4.2 million dollars are not only the result of his work in “Ventaneando”, but it is the sum of what he has also done in programs such as “El Ojo del Huracán, Historias Engarzadas and la Historia Detrás del Mito”.

Patricia Chapoy Acevedo, was born in Mexico City, on June 19, 1949, she is better known as Pati Chapoy. Her first steps on Mexican television were on Televisa, where she participated in projects such as ‘México, Magia y Encuentro’, ‘Siempre en Domingo’ and the OTI Festival.

In 1980, Pati ChpoyI create the program ‘the world of entertainment‘, but, 14 years later Ricardo Salinas Pliego invited her to collaborate on Aztec Televisiona television station that he still considers his “home” to this day.

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