Patricia Barreto on ‘Maricucha’: “There will be an important comeback and it will change everything” RMMN | SHOWS

The Peruvian actress, Patricia Barreto, who stars in the novel ‘Maricucha‘, He was encouraged to give some previews of what will happen in the life of his character in these weeks and to the happiness of his followers, this is good news.

And it is that Maricucha is heartbroken after Renato, played by Andrés Vílchez, will tell her that his ex-girlfriend, Carla, played by Valentina Saba, is expecting his child and that he will not only assume paternity, but will marry her .

After this painful news, Patricia Barreto told, in an interview for the program ‘You are in all’ that the young woman will not stay crying, it is more that a very important character in her life will return, who will return her smile.

They broke her heart into a thousand pieces, she was engaged and the news came out that Renato assumed paternity, but she is not poor because she has realized many things. You will see later, she will have the responsibility of taking on the company alone, the new business, new characters will enterwill know other forms of love”, said Patricia Barreto.

Something is also coming that everyone is waiting for to happen in the novel. In these chapters something is going to happen and she will feel much more motivated, much more secure, an important comeback and it will make everything change, joy will return, humor will return because we are not to be crying”, added the actress.

Patricia Barreto on what will happen this week with Maricucha


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