Patricia Kelly is shooting for RTL2 documentary in the Netherlands

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Of: Linda Rosenberger

Patricia Kelly is shooting for RTL2 documentary in the Netherlands
Patricia Kelly cuts a fine figure in the traditional costume of the Netherlands (photomontage) © Screenshot/Instagram/Patricia Kelly

The Kelly Family will soon be seen in their own RTL2 documentary. Patricia Kelly is now in the Netherlands. From there she greets you in a special look.

Volendam – Well, look at it: Patricia Kelly is presenting herself on Instagram in a very special outfit. For RTL2 filming, the musician slipped into a Dutch costume and matching clogs. However, as much as her fans like her with this special look, there is still a tricky point.

Patricia Kelly slips into the Dutch costume outfit for the RTL-2 documentary

RTL2 would like to send the Kelly Family on a “unique voyage of remembrance” when they want to accompany the family band to the most important stages of their career as part of their own, exclusive docu-soap. The Kellys have already shot in Dublin, among other places, before Patricia from the Netherlands now speaks up.

“Patricia is back to the roots”, the singer presents herself on Instagram in wooden shoes and traditional costume. The musician still has to struggle with the typical Dutch shoes that she slipped into for her RTL2 documentary: “I can’t walk in these shoes”, Patricia Kelly has to laugh, how bumpy – not to say woody – she makes progress with the clogs.

Patricia Kelly’s fans are enthusiastic about their idol’s new Netherlands outfit

Your fans, however, do not mind at all. “You can wear just about anything” or “a very original and interesting outfit”, the users praise Patricia’s appearance on Instagram. But they cannot resist a warning call: “Watch your ankles in these unfavorable shoes,” a user warns the singer to be careful.

But as good as the “Kelly Family” star seems to be in the mood for the shooting in the Netherlands, there have also been sad times for the musician recently. For example, just a day before her traditional costume post, Patricia Kelly made a name for herself with a moving memory of her late sister Barby. Sources used:,