Patricia Kelly: No star airs: Son Iggi is now working at the animal shelter

As a scion of the famous “Kelly Family” and son of singer Patricia Kelly (52), Ignatius “Iggi” Kelly (18) came into contact with music at an early age. In 2017 he made it to the semi-finals of “The Voice Kids”, and he has just released a new song with “No Matter What”. The young Kelly is also arousing great interest on social media: more than 75,000 fans follow him on Instagram alone.

Despite these conditions and successes, Iggi remains on the ground – and now volunteers in an animal shelter on Mallorca.

In the video above you can see Patricia Kelly with her husband and their two sons.

Iggi Kelly proves himself as a voluntary animal helper

In a clip published by “”, Iggi can be seen working with the animals at the Animal Police Association in Mallorca. And this is by no means just about stroking and feeding, but also about cleaning and removing the faeces; just about everything that arises in activities on a farm with animals.

Iggi explains: “It’s just nice to see happy animals that had a really hard time before. It’s really a blessing that something like this exists here.” The shelter specializes in picking up and rehabilitating injured or stray animals.

More rest for the teen star of the “Kelly Family”

The voluntary work with the animals also helps Iggi himself, the teen star is aware of that. His work means “not being on the phone, fewer social networks”. In this way he can find peace, switch off and rediscover himself.

The fact that Iggi shows a big heart during the hard work on the farm will ultimately also influence his music and thus benefit the fans.