Patricio Borghetti and Odalys Ramírez celebrated their son Rocco’s 3rd birthday with a party and a trip to Disney | Famous

The little boy completed three laps around the sun on April 24 and the celebration lasted several days, and even took place in two different countries. Being such a special date, everything was documented on the social networks of the driver and her husband.

The party had a ‘Toy Story’ theme and the birthday boy was characterized as the character of Buzz Lightyear. Similarly, his sister Gia wore a dress that referred to the astronaut.

The celebration featured a candy stall, colored balloons and a trampoline, as well as cupcakes and a cake inspired by the aforementioned Disney movie. To liven up the event, Odalys and Pato hired Woody, Buzz and Jessie impersonators.

In her Instagram post, the famous mother dedicated a beautiful message to her little one: “May life continue to fill you with surprises and joy.”

Odalys Ramírez, Patricio Borghetti and their children traveled to Disney

The so-called ‘Rocco Fest’ was the culmination of a celebration that lasted several days. On the occasion of the birthday of the youngest of the family and Children’s Day, the couple took Gia, Rocco and Santino (whom Patricio had with Grettell Valdez) to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Of course, the Toy Story Land attraction was one of the obligatory stops at the amusement park.

In an interview with the magazine ‘Hola!’, the television hosts commented that trips are one of the family activities they enjoy the most.

“Although (sometimes) we go to places that we already knew, experiencing it through the eyes of our children is always super magical.”

Although Santino is Gia and Rocco’s half brother, the dynamic between the children is very good, as they spend a lot of time together.