Patrick Bruel dad, rare secrets about his children, Oscar and Léon


Patrick Bruel spoke about his children and his father on the program “50 minutes Inside”, broadcast this Saturday on TF1.

Patrick Bruel indulged in a few confidences. Guest of Nikos Aliagas in “50 Minutes Inside”, the singer spoke of his somewhat special relationship with his father. “With my father, things settled down nicely and settled as soon as my first child was born. So it’s been almost 20 years since I found my father and my children discovered a grandfather, ”first dropped the ex-husband of Amanda Sthers.

In his latest album “Encore une fois”, Patrick Bruel has also composed a song retracing this period of his life. “So many years of hesitating to ask me how to find you,” he sings in “I’m coming back.”

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“We do our best”

According to the first excerpts from the TF1 program broadcast on social networks, Patrick Bruel also spoke about his sons, Oscar (19) and Léon (17). “Are we trying to be a better father than our own father?” Asked Nikos Aliagas. “We do our best,” he replied.

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“As far as I’m concerned, I don’t necessarily have a pattern to reproduce, so I moved forward in the blue… in the blue of the eyes of my first and second child. […] In any case, I have the feeling that we are achieving something with their mother. We achieved something very strong,” added the interpreter of “My song lover”. The rest of the interview will air this Saturday.