Patrick Bruel: his very rare secrets about his role as a father

Invited to the program 50 ‘Inside, Patrick Bruel returned to his relationship with his children. With an open heart, the singer reveals himself.

On November 18, Patrick Bruel unveiled his latest opus, Once again. In this album, the singer gives himself up with an open heart and dedicates a song to his mother, Augusta Kammoun, who raised him alone. And for good reason, at the age of 3, the artist was abandoned by his father. A rather complicated relationship with fatherhood, even if the singer and his father met 40 years later. Guest on the show 50′ Insidethe interpreter returned to this amazing relationship. “With my father, things were nicely arranged and settled, from the birth of my first child. So it’s been almost 20 years since I found my father and my children discovered a grandfather”he explained to Nikos Aliagas.

During this interview, Patrick Bruel also confided in his children, named Oscar and Léon. “Do you try to be a better father than your own father? the host asked him. “We do our best”, replied the singer. “Are we trying to be a better father which concerns me, I don’t necessarily have a pattern to reproduce so I moved forward in the blue… In the blue of the eyes of my first child and my second child. In any case, I have the feeling that we are achieving something with their mother (the writer Amanda Sthers, Editor’s note). We have achieved something very strong”.

Abandonment at the age of 3

I have to say that the relationship between Patrick Bruel and his father was very surprising. If he did not see him grow up, his father found him in the 2000s, 40 years after his birth. “I wanted to solve this problem before my first child arrived. So that’s when, precisely, we ended up with my father. He reminded me one day that my father I was only 20 when I was born. Everything happened quickly. Maybe he realized that this life was not for him. It facilitated a discussion with him that was strong, very strong , verbally abusive”.