Patrick Chesnais in Mon Ange (TF1): who is his wife, Josiane Stoléru?

We no longer present Patrick Chesnais. Viewers will find the famous actor with his inimitable voice and phrasing this Thursday, January 6 in the fiction of TF1 My angel, alongside Muriel Robin and Marilou Berry. But who is his wife, the discreet Josiane Stoleru, married in 2016? Portrait.

In April 2016, Patrick Chesnais puts the ring on Josiane Stoléru’s finger. A late meeting for the septuagenarian? Not really ! In fact, the latter has been his companion for 39 years already. The two actors meet in 1977, they are both then playing Laughable loves by Milan Kundera at the Théâtre de l’Est Parisien.

From their story was born in 1984 an only daughter Emilie, actress just like her parents. Yet far from being a long quiet river, their couple will know pocketknives in the contract. In 1986, the actor became father of Ferdinand, born of his love with Coralie Seyrig, niece of actress Delphine Seyrig. The young man dies in a tragic car accident at 20 years in 2006. In 2013 Patrick Chesnais welcomed a second boy, Victor, fruit of his affair with the actress Odile Roire. Despite the hardships, the bond with Josiane Stoléru does not come undone. “Josiane is a wonderful woman. We’ve been living together for a very long time, although I left that I had other stories. […] She has a capacity for love stronger than anything“, he explains to Full of Life.

On stage and on screen

The one that Patrick Chesnais calls “the woman of his life”, is undoubtedly less known to the general public than its companion. The reason is simple : Josiane Stoléru, who followed the courses of Tania Balachova and INSAS in Brussels, has built most of his career on the boards. Between 1973 and 2019 the actress rubbed about fifty pieces from the contemporary repertoire from Gombrowicz to Koltès and Yasmina Reza via Laurent Seksik or Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. She sometimes gave the reply to her companion as in Guinea pigs in 2009, and in Doggie in 2011.

But the cousin of the politician Lionel Stoléru also made numerous appearances in cinema and television. We saw it in Blanche et Marie, Murder Frequency, Cyrano de Bergerac, Not very Catholic and more recently in The Mystery Henri Pick alongside Fabrice Luchini. On television she appeared in particular in At Maupassant, Venus and Apollo, Do not do this, do not do that and in 2021 in Fuzzy love the spin-off series of the film by Romane Bohringer and Philippe Rebbot on their separation. A talented woman!