Patrick Puydebat: The actor was in a relationship with one of his partners … and it’s not Hélène Rollès!

It’s no secret that love is very often found on film sets. We no longer count the couples who were created when it was necessary to give each other the answer, but also those who broke up. This was particularly the case of Patrick Puydebat and Delphine Chanéac.

Indeed, both had the opportunity to meet at the end of the 1990s to film Holidays of love. Patrick Puydebat of course played his cult role of Nicolas while Delphine Chanéac had been recruited for an episode of season 3 and played Daphne. She will return two years later in the series, in 2000, this time to defend the character of Sophie, once again for an episode.

But his brief appearances will obviously have been enough to melt the heart of the partner of Hélène Rollès. At the time, the couple took care to play the card of discretion, but several serious media confirmed the idyll between the two actors. “The actor lives a few years of romance with actress Delphine Chanéac. They separated in 2002“, assures us for example The Women’s Journal. Some even argue that they were married … One thing is sure and certain, however, is that Delphine Chanéac and Patrick Puydebat have both rebuilt their lives since.

A secret marriage for one and a baby for the other

Patrick Puydebat has been flourishing for a while with Magali, a 46-year-old dental surgeon he met “in the easiest way in the world“, as he informed The last hour. “I have had very good friends for a long time in Brussels and I often came to see them. They had friends in common with Magali“, he had specified. Charming her was nevertheless a matter which proved to be complicated. “I tried to get her coordinates… She dumped me like a dog“, he confessed. Finally, they spent the confinement together in his house in Normandy, where the magic operated. So much so that last May, the magazine Paris here told us that Patrick Puydebat and Magali were secretly married on August 28, 2021. “In all simplicity, in a small committee. It was intimate and rural“, had reported the actor.

On the side of Delphine Chanéac, she welcomed her first child in 2015, a little boy named Ethan. The pretty brunette seen in the film Brice of Nice in 2005 announced the happy news on his social networks shortly after. “I was born on Saturday September 26 at 8:58 p.m. I weighed 2.575 kg and I am in great shape and so are my parents!!!!“, she wrote in the caption of a photo with baby in her arms. The identity of the dad is not certain but it could well be a certain Eric Morais.