Patrick Romer reveals why Antonia blocked him on Insta

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Patrick Romer and Antonia Hemmer became a couple two years ago on “Bauer sucht Frau”. The two TV stars split in November. Patrick explains on Instagram that there was too much drama after the love affair.

Constance – In the celebrity world, 2022 is likely to go down in history as the year of separations. In recent months, many once-close couples have announced the end of their relationships, breaking the hearts of their fans. The “Bauer sucht Frau” dream couple Patrick Romer (27) and Antonia Hemmer (22) will go their separate ways from now on – after a love story that was initially so magical and the victory in the “Summer House of the Stars” in October, the TV stars have been with them since November 16th all over.

“Started rushing against me for no reason”: Patrick Romer unpacks drama with Antonia

After Patrick Romer caused quite a stir with his controversial behavior in the summer house, the separation from Antonia Hemmer came as no great surprise to many. Nevertheless, the studied farmer repeatedly emphasized that the love affair had been decided on the good side, but confirmed in an Instagram question and answer session that contact with his former lady of the heart has nevertheless broken off. “There was no reason for bad blood either. We had two wonderful years and, contrary to many opinions, I didn’t downplay Antonia or forbid her anything,” Patrick defends.

Patrick Romer reveals why Antonia blocked him on Insta
Clear message: “Bauer sucht Frau” star Patrick Romer explains in an Instagram question and answer session why Antonia Hemmer blocked him after the breakup and how he feels about the song they shared. © Screenshot/Instagram/patrick_romer_ (photomontage)

Antonia always had his full support, explains Patrick Romer and remembers the drama that broke out between the two afterwards: “After the breakup, Antonia started rushing against me on TikTok for no reason.” He was the only one who kept the agreement not to give out any side blows on social media. “Then I wanted to know what the kindergarten was supposed to do, because we agreed not to shoot at each other,” he writes, adding, disappointed: “It was then simply blocked.”

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“Part of your past”: “Bauer sucht Frau” star Patrick Romer conciliatory after separation

Antonia Hemmer doesn’t seem to have been very keen on Patrick’s attempts to end the relationship peacefully and not tear himself apart in public. But the native of Lake Constance doesn’t seem mean to her and it doesn’t bother him to hear the joint song “You’ve looked at me once too often” – even if the joint album was of course called off. “It’s just part of your past,” he explains to his fans on Instagram.

Love comes, love goes, but the most important thing is that even after a breakup, you can still look into each other’s eyes and be nice to each other. One can only wish Patrick Romer and Antonia that one day they can look back on their past love with a smile. While Patrick makes it clear that he doesn’t want a new relationship for the time being, Antonia Hemmer throws himself into the nightlife and almost breaks her nose. Sources used: Instagram/patrick_romer_,,