Patrick Sébastien and his funeral: we already know what will be inscribed on his grave

In life, there are people who hate talking about death and there are others. Among these is Patrick Sebastian. At 69, the former flagship host of France Télévisions is aware that life can stop from one day to the next, without warning. He is well placed to know since he himself lost his son Sébastien at the age of 19. This traumatic episode of his life, Patrick Sébastien will never forget it.

Several times, the star of the small screen has thought about death. He even tried to give it to himself several times, without having (and fortunately) the courage to go after it. But for all that, if a tragedy were to happen to him, his relatives would not have much to organize for the day of his funeral. As he made it so well known on the show As an aside broadcast this Tuesday, January 3 on Canal +, he has already planned everything. It is in the village of Martel in the Lot-et-Garonne so dear to his heart, that Patrick Sébastien will be buried since there is “bought a dealership.”

It’s not so that the merchants of the village make advances to me according to the crowds that there will be later” he said, even going so far as to pronounce the epitaph that he will inscribe on his tomb once his time has come: “It is a sentence of Jacques Brel that he pronounced 10 minutes before his death, at the Bobigny hospital: ‘If you love me, shut your mouths’.”

Patrick Sébastien, faced with death

A few days ago on the show The Grand Bluff, 30 years already, in which he fooled hosts by posing as candidates for their show, Patrick Sébastien returned to the tragic disappearance of his son in a motorcycle accident in the Camargue. He was only 19 years old and was preparing to become a father five months later of a little girl named Marie.

This ordeal, the ex of Nathalie Boutot never really recovered. Also in the anniversary program of his flagship program, he returned to the day of the identification of his son’s body, an almost impossible mission for him: “I didn’t want to recognize the body at the morgue. In my subconscious, I always have this idea that it was not him” he confided to the cameras of C8. It was moreover while thinking of recognizing his son two years after his death that he had the idea of Big Bluff. He even planned to have his son’s body repatriated to Martel to rest by his side forever.