Patrick Sébastien: why the host never wanted to recognize his son in the morgue after his motorcycle accident

This Tuesday, December 27, C8 celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Grand bluff with the broadcast of a documentary on the show that marked the career of Patrick Sébastien. The latter will confide in it with an open heart, in particular on the death of his son.

Patrick Sébastien has not had only hardships during his television career. In life, the former host of France 2 also had to face the worst. On July 15, 1990, his life changed when he lost his son Sébastien in a motorcycle accident. At the time, he was only 19 years old and would become a father. A tragedy that never recovered the former companion of Nathalie Boutot but who nevertheless inspired his greatest success: The big bluff. In the show, broadcast on December 26, 1992 on TF1, the interpreter of Sardines disguised himself to trap his fellow hosts on the set of their own shows. Michael Drucker, Jean Pierre Foucault or Philippe Risoliall were victims of the hoax of their comrade who had this amazing idea a few months earlier.

Patrick Sébastien: this surprising decision on the day of his son’s death

One evening in the summer of 1992, I stop at a gas station and see a biker dressed in black. He takes his helmet off, he wears the beard and in my head I’m like, ‘Take it off, I recognized you’. Getting back in the car, I decided I was going to dress up and go trap some people I know.” he confided in an extract from the documentary dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the program on C8broadcast this Tuesday, December 27, and unveiled by TV Magazine.

The genesis of big bluff was therefore inspired by his late son, whom he thinks about every day as he had entrusted him to seven to eight. The day of the death of his son, Patrick Sébastien has also had a hard time realizing the misfortune that struck him. He even made a decision that illustrates all his grief. “I didn’t want to recognize the body at the morgue. In my subconscious, I still have this idea that it wasn’t him“, he revealed in the C8 program. A way for him to protect himself and not face the sad reality.