Paty Cantú and her cowgirl outfit but with glamor full of glitter

Singer Paty Cantu has returned from Germany and now captivates with her cowgirl outfit to which she gives a touch of glamor full of glitter, as she wore at the concert of 2000sPopTour in the Arena Mexico.

Patricia Giovanna Cantú Velasco, artistically known as Paty Cantú, has surprised her fans with the surprise that she is included in the concert of the songs that touched our hearts.

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A special and different experience is how Paty Cantú describes her participation in the Pop Tour, who has shone majestically with a cowgirl hat from which several glitters fall in the shape of a triangle.

After spending several weeks with her boyfriend Christian Vázquez and his family in the frozen landscapes of Germany, now Paty Cantú has warmed up in Mexico City, the ideal climate to show off a beautiful dress.

The black dress It is a mixture of several styles, on the one hand at the top it looks somewhat low-cut and at the bottom a black skirt with opening to the leg and on top a skirt with several leather straps.

A mini belt It is the one that stylizes the figure of the interpreter of Conocerte and Diciembre and as if there were not enough glitter in the hat, Paty Cantú surprises when she goes on stage with some silver stiletto heels, also full of diamonds.

Paty Cantú and her cowgirl outfit but with glamor full of glitter. Photo: Special

And not to mention the black gloves worn by Paty Cantú, a glamorous cowgirl who has once again captivated her followers with her unique style, fortunately, it is not the only issue of the 2000s Pop Tour.

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Paty Cantú has met the singer Ari Borova and they have even taken a photo of the memory, to whom the former member of the musical group Lu, has dedicated some emotional words:

“Ari, how nice to be able to give ourselves the luxury of doing this special edition of shows at the ArenaCDMX, Monterrey and Auditorium Telmex, I love doing tours, it’s an opportunity to do shared crazy things and party for people who want more than ever, “he writes Paty Cantu on Instagram.

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