Paty Cantú in a black velvet dress that shows off her peach

the singer of bipolar heart She has always stood out for being one of the most beautiful artists, in addition to knowing how to choose the perfect outfits that highlight her charms, and on this occasion she captivated her peach by wearing it with a black velvet mini dress.

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Paty Cantú shared a series of photos in which she posed in a mini dress from black velvetwhich had different details, such as simulating that the garment is in two parts, the upper part looks like a top by having an opening in the waist area.

This dress also had half-shoulder sleeves, an ideal dress for a night out, since with some platforms it would look divine. In this case Paty Cantu decided to combine it with a pair of white Puma sneakers and black knee high socks.

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She also stood out in makeup, as she included pink shadows, star applications and nude lips, while her hairstyle was made up of a high bun, to which she added two strands on the sides, this to simulate a simple and modern fringe.

These beautiful photographs were accompanied with a message,

Selfielandia can be a sideboard, or it can also be a deeper mirror. Remember how MUCH you are worth. And that you have the right to change, evolve and be treated with respect. Bring the same back to life. Even between obstacles, learning and complications. Do and say things with that same love. Start by loving yourself and nothing is going to stop you.

A powerful message of self-love for those days when we wake up without wanting to do anything and even doubt our own. potential. His followers immediately began to fill the section with many compliments and positive comments referring to the message.

Until now they are the only news that the singer She has shared us on her social networks, but we will keep abreast of any news, especially outfits that highlight her charms, since if we count, she has had some super glamorous ones.

Impossible to forget that dress neon yellow that she combined with some boots of the same color, and not to mention the makeup, that is an aspect that always characterizes her, since she applies colored eyeliners or details, such as stars, glitter or dazzling colors.

All this gives her followers ideas to look beautiful wherever they go, especially in this spring that is about to end, in which color is an aspect that should be exploited, so do not hesitate to follow the accounts of Paty Cantu for more beauty details.

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