Paty Cantú looks like a doll in a pink dress with a bow in front

Paty Cantu looks feminine and radiates beauty in one of her most recent posts on social networks, where she wears a very jovial and flirtatious outfit that reminds us once again why she is one of the mexican artists most beloved of the medium and also a reference of the fashion of the moment.

The 38-year-old singer wears a pink off the shoulder dresswith a baggy cut in the fall, in the skirt, as well as a flirty bow in front at the height of the torso; design that makes it look doll for that bulky fabric and mini dress type cut that reminds us of the outfits of the dancers.

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Combine with some silver high-top sneakers, pink gloves that reach below the elbow, a gold bracelet and earrings in the same tone; all for a dramatic twist hollywood stylewhich suits her so well because she is a personality in the artistic world.

Finish the outfit with a low ponytailwho shows off her long hair with pink strands, in addition to a makeup in this same tone, placing on the other hand details of rhinestones in her hair at the height of the temples, to give a shine to the style.

I feel bittersweet drama queen with a hint of Hello Kitty“, Wrote the also actress and composer, hitting the nail on the head with this description the sum of her outfit: a dramatic feminine but very sweet for her dreamy detailspresent in the color, design and inlays of rhinestones, all details that soften the already striking but modern dress.

Her fans write to her that she looks beautiful and support her in the project she is promoting, which is her participation as coach in the program TV Azteca, The Voice Kidswhich he joined this season and which has made many of his fans very happy.

Throughout these weeks of transmission, the beautiful interpreter He has delighted us with his talent but also with a dreamy and avant-garde wardrobe that characterizes it so much. Her outfits have leaned towards modernity and trendslooking glamorous in her dress, which has opted for the wheel of pink, blue, purple and red colors.

Likewise, the singer also takes advantage of the publication to celebrate the children who participate in the show and of course, at mothers who have just celebrated their day this past May 10. She herself does a tribute to his mom with a series of photographs that he also shared on social networks, thanking him for his support and reiterating his affection.

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