Paty Cantú, Yahir, Pee Wee and these celebrities are the confirmed cast of the 2000’s Pop Tour

The cast of the new concert was finally confirmed 2000s Pop Tour with which Ari Borovoy seeks to replicate the success he has had since 2017 with the 90s Pop Tour, and which will arrive in Mexico in the middle of this year.

Beside omar chaparro, OV7 is behind this great production that managed to bring together several celebrities who triumphed on the popularity charts in Mexico 20 years ago, several of them without having performed live for a long time.

The confirmed artists are:

  • Paty Cantu
  • Motel
  • limbo beach
  • Pee Wee
  • kudai
  • Fanny Lu
  • bacilli
  • Jahir
  • Nikki Clan

As with the 90s Pop Tour, famous guests are expected to arrive during these new concerts, as happened last November with the reappearance of Garibaldi.

Paty Cantú said at a press conference: “I am super happy and grateful to be part of this tour of the two thousand, all of us colleagues in one way or another know that it is a special time, reliving those moments is impossible or so it seemed until this tour came in. A lot of surprises can happen.”

For his part, Ari, who also confirmed that in a couple of weeks we will know details of the tour with OV7, commented: “In the two thousand years, music changed a lot, very different currents arrived musically speaking. We have looked for many artists, some are on some tour that the pandemic stopped it, others are indisposed and others are in line to get on at some point. The 2000s Pop Tour is going to surprise us. We have spoken with many who were not even dedicated to this anymore. “