Paul El-Kharrat: He reveals his salary in the Big Heads

Through Laura D’Angelo

– Published on Jan 27, 2023 at 10:30 am

Asked about the set of Jordan De Luxe, Paul El-Kharrat did not hesitate to reveal his salary in the Big Heads.

Since its first participation in 12 strokes of noon, Paul El-Kharrat has come a long way. The 23-year-old left with more than 650,000 euros in winnings and close gifts. Full of projects, the candidate had subsequently decided to release several books and even to become a member of the Big heads. On this subject, Paul El-Kharrat confided on the set of Jordan De Luxe. And for the very first time, the former Noon Master revealed his salary. ” My account is capped at €22,000which I still don’t use and I have another account in addition”, he begins by declaring. “Les Grosses Têtes is between 900 and 1000 euro for those who are well established! I have 330 euros per show, I do not hide it! To me it’s like pocket money ! “.

Paul El-Kharrat tackles Stéphane Plaza

Always very direct in his answers, Paul El-Kharrat explains with humor : “I would like to tell RTL that if i got paid to answer i would be jeff bezos ! There are those who earn much more and say nothing. » We kiss Stéphane Plaza. No, he knows it’s a joke, but he knows that it is somewhat true. “. When he came on the set of Jordan De Luxe, the young man returned to his relationship with Jean-Luc Reichmann. ” I don’t find it negative to reaffirm that We haven’t spoken in over a year! It’s the truth !“, he began by declaring. ” IThere is nothing serious between him and me. I don’t have a problem, there may have been a dispute… As time goes by, things will sort themselves out. It’s personal“.

Paul El Kharrat also took advantage of his presence to respond to his detractors, to those who did not hesitate to criticize him and distort his remarks: “ I was obviously told, these are the people who don’t understand and are ignorant. That I am ungrateful because I dare to criticize the host who allowed me to be known. It’s still excessive on their part and they don’t have all the additional information. (…) I appreciate it but it’s true that there were problems“, he explains, revealing to feel ready toto forgive » and to « bring closer » by Jean-Luc Reichmann. It remains to be seen whether the principal concerned also wishes to have a discussion with the young man.