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This June 18, the legendary musician Paul MCCARTNEY turns 80 and celebrates it as the richest musician in the United Kingdom and Ireland, according to the list prepared by ‘The Sunday Times’ in 2021. Despite the disappearance of The Beatles, McCartney has continued to amass a fortune, which is estimated to exceed 1,200 million dollars, a figure higher than that obtained by stars like Elton John, Ed Sheeran and more.

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Of course, it should be noted that the millions that today abound in Paul McCartney’s accounts are the result of his work in music and the sale of his records, but also of other factors such as the right to his own songs and those of others, as well as his investments in different companies and the real estate sector.

Despite the millions of dollars he owns, the Liverpool artist has a peculiar relationship with money, as he told in a past interview with “The New York Times”. The lack of economic resources in his childhood made the singer learn the value of things that still lasts today.

What happened was that, not having much money, when something came into the house it was important. It was important when my weekly comic was delivered to me. Or it was a big event when the letter from my pen pal arrived (I had a pen pal in Spain, Rodrigo)”McCartney said on that occasion.

“When gifts came in the comics, with little trinkets, I kept them all. Some would say it’s a hoarding instinct, but Having nothing when I was a kid has made that attitude stick with me when it comes to money. I am a little crazy. My wife is not. She knows you can get rid of the things you don’t need, but I’m a conservativehe added.


Let’s start with how the legend was born. Along with John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, McCartney achieved worldwide fame as a bassist and one of the singers of The Beatles, a group with which he broke all sales records. In the United States alone he sold more than 183 million records, and more than 600 million worldwide.

The Beatles in 1969. (Photo: Ian MacMillan)
The Beatles in 1969. (Photo: Ian MacMillan)

This was not all, the sale of his records continued even after The Beatles. After the group disintegrated, McCartney continued his solo career, achieving great success. In 2021, he released “III Imagined”, the nineteenth album of his solo adventure. This production quickly entered the top of the best-seller lists around the world.

In addition to his earnings from record sales, Paul McCartney owns a large portfolio of rights to his own songs and those of others. He founded the McCartney Productions Limited (MPL) holding company. Thanks to this company, he began to acquire the copyrights of great artists such as Buddy Holly, Jerry Herman, Frank Loesser, Meredith Willson, Harold Arlen and others. It is estimated that half of his fortune corresponds to the profits acquired by his company.

And there is more, another source of income is his tours, with which he collects about 60 million dollars a year. As if that were not enough, the Liverpool artist has also invested in companies such as Jaunt (a software developer) and Magex (an e-commerce services company that was eventually bought by BankServ).

Last but not least are its properties. The purchase of houses has made the artist own a real estate valued at 150 million dollars. In 1984 she built a house in front of the MoMa museum in New York valued at 1.88 million and in 1998 she invested almost half a million in a house in East Hampton.

To his homes (he also owns houses on Long Island, Beverly Hills and more) must be added his enviable collection of luxury cars. An Aston Martin DB5, a Lamborghini S2 Espada, a Chevrolet C5, a Corvette or a Lexus LS 600h, valued at $73,000, are some of his favorites.


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