Paul Pogba case: “The wizard was responsible for neutralizing Kylian Mbappé”, new revelations are coming!

By Mamy Yves Ratsimbazafy

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The Paul Pogba affair continues to be talked about in the media at the moment. The footballer currently in conflict with his brother was accused by the latter of having appealed to a marabout in order to harm Kylian Mbappé.

The news had the effect of a bomb as soon as it fell. Paul Pogba has indeed been accused by his brother Mathias of having called on a marabout to neutralize Kylian Mbappé. The alleged rivalries between the two pillars of the French football team were previously unknown to the general public. Rumors that have never been confirmed by either of them. Something to make fans of the round ball doubt. The veracity of the words of the man who is now involved in a case of extortion and blackmail has indeed been questioned. The investigation continues at the moment at the level of the parquet floor of Turin and we are still far from having the end of this story. Especially since the hearing of the mother of the two brothers does not really seem to have paid off.

From revelations to revelations

As a reminder, this case has started to be talked about since Paul Pogba filed a complaint for extortion against his brother. Four other suspects were also involved. The latter would have indeed taken advantage of the fact that he is a world celebrity to blackmail him. They wanted to force him to pay the colossal sum of 13 million euros. Having initially wanted this story to be settled amicably, the footballer would have paid 100,000 euros. Precisely in order to compensate all these people for having protected him in his early days. This was obviously not enough given the turn of events.

Still in detention following his police custody, Mathias therefore took the opportunity to accuse Paul Pogba of wanting to indirectly harm Kylian Mbappé: “ At Paul’s request, the wizard was tasked with neutralizing Kylian Mbappé. The PSG striker was experiencing a rapid rise at the time, far exceeding his notoriety “. According to him, these facts took place in 2019 during a meeting between PSG and Manchester United. Always Mathias Pogba to continue like what: “ The problem was that Paul was doing everything to get closer to Kylian. VSs you could see him in the media, claiming to like him and to be his friend. He often called her, we saw them arm in arm. It’s gone so far that Kylian almost made his next contract with PSG conditional on Paul coming to play there. This while behind his back Paul was doing witchcraft to him in order to sabotage his matches.