Paul Stanley remains in hospital for a symptom that worries doctors | Famous

Paul Stanley He is recovering from the severe stomach infection that took him to the emergency room last Wednesday, April 20. Despite the fact that in the last few hours he has improved, he has not been able to be discharged due to a symptom that worried doctors.

This Thursday, April 21, in a link for the Hoy program from the hospital where he is being treated in Mexico City, the son of the late driver Paco Stanley explained that a salmonellosis was what took him to the emergency room, He also shared that he has not been able to go home because after several studies had a low level of platelets.

“Here I am still in the hospital, I was detected a variant of salmonellosis. I went in for that and when they did tomography studies, of everything, of the heart and of the blood, they detected that I had low plateletsI entered with 95 thousand and then I left with 85, so the doctors were worried, “said the host of Hoy to his companions.

The doctors decided to keep him under observation until they discovered what caused the blood cells to drop. “They wouldn’t let me out, they told me they’re very concerned about where that low platelet was coming from,” Stanley said.

Galilea Montijo, Raúl Araiza, Arath de la Torre and Shanik Berman spoke with Paul about the situation he is experiencing and wished him a speedy recovery. Given the concern, the entertainment journalist asked if he would need a transfusion.

“No (I need platelets), I’m still waiting for the doctors to tell me that this drop in platelets was due to the poisoning I had,” Paul explained to Shanik, hoping that the symptom was only part of his salmonellosis infection. “I don’t know where I caught the bug, whether in the United States (where) I was for a while or here in Mexico, but hey, we’re fine,” he added.

Arath de la Torre highlighted how on that visit to the hospital, apparently only due to an infection, it triggered that he could have another disease, for which Paul called on viewers to have medical check-ups on a recurring basis: “Many times out of fear we do not come to do our checkups and all that and in the end we ended up ‘bad mufflers’ and from everywhere,” the presenter concluded.

This is how it became known that Paul Stanley is hospitalized

Stanley surprised the public on Wednesday, April 20, by not appearing to host the Hoy program and later by sharing a photograph in which he is seen bedridden using oxygen. It is worth mentioning that he also did not attend the presentation to the media of the new season of the show ‘Perdiendo el judgment’, in which he participates.

During the press conference, the first data on his state of health was released, as the actor sent greetings from the hospital through a video.

“To all my friends from ‘Perdiendo el judgment’, colleagues, people from the press, I send you lots of kisses and hugs,” said Paul sitting on a hospital bed.
“From a complete hospitable tourist, because I’m hospitalized, I’m sick, but don’t miss ‘Losing judgment’, we did it with a lot of love and they are going to have a lot of fun,” added Stanley.