Paula Arias: Eduardo Rabanal reveals that he lives in the same building as the sauce boat but clarifies that they are friends | Magaly Medina celebrity RMMN | SHOWS

Paula Arias and Eduardo Rabanal came forward to clarify what their sentimental situation is, after it was speculated that both had decided to resume their romance and that they even already work together.

In a live link with the program Magaly Medinathe former soccer player ended up surprising locals and strangers by confessing that he moved to an apartment located in the same building where the vocalist of the orchestra Son Tentación.

At another time, former club player Carlos A. Manucci spoke about his commitment to Paula Ariaswhich was forgotten after they confirmed their separation in March of this year.

Things suddenly at some point became very rushed, and in the proposal I was suddenly very intense, and we are both realistic“, he pointed.

For her part, the salsa singer assured that she does not close the doors to love and left open the possibility of reconciling with the athlete.

“I have no reason to lie, he knows that our situation was intense and the feelings are still there. At some point we have talked about it (about resuming the relationship), but we also want everything to be in its time”, emphasized the singer.


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