Paulina Goto experiences moments of anguish when “jumping” from an Uber because she felt in danger | Famous

The morning of this May 14, Paulina Goto denounced through Twitter that felt in danger when the driver of the Uber in which he was traveling refused to let her hold the window down and had to jump out while the car was moving.

The 30-year-old Mexican actress shared her network experience and asked Uber to “take action on the matter.”

“This driver just gave me the scare of my life. I got in the car and rolled down the window (I always do, it makes me feel safer) and right away the driver put it up and put insurance on it so that I could not lower it”, narrated

“I asked him to let me get it down again and remove the insurance and he said no. I asked him to stop the car, that he wanted me to get off and he told me no and that ‘nothing was going to happen to me’. I had to open the door and jump while the car was moving“He said to end his story.

Paulina assured that she is “well, thank God”, but she is “very scared”. In addition, she sent a recommendation to her followers: “Chicxs take care of yourselves and listen to each other when you feel that something is not right,” she reads herself on Twitter.

Uber responded to Paulina Goto’s complaint

The Twitter account of the application responded to the call of the protagonist of Overcoming Fear, asking her to send him a direct message so that he could give them more information and thus be able to start an investigation.

Paulina also showed a capture of the car that picked her up, it was a red Nissan Versa, although she did not reveal the license plates or the driver’s name.

Paulina Goto wants no woman to “feel what she feels again”

This Saturday afternoon, the actress used her account again to thank the signs of affection and affirmed that she continued to follow up on her case.

In addition, he hopes that his experience will serve as an example so that this type of platform has greater measures to safeguard the safety of passengers.

“I decided to make my experience public, not with the intention of harming the company, but with the intention that there are consequences for the driver who put me at risk and for Uber to take advantage of the opportunity and be an example for all platforms, by improving the safety of its users.”

“I would not want any woman or other person to feel what I felt at night. These situations can be prevented,” he concluded in the tweet.