Paulina Goto shares the benefits of walking barefoot

The soap opera and theater actress is a fan of sharing some details of her life with her followers, so today I do not hesitate to publish a video about a japanese practice super beneficial for health, walking barefoot or the Shinrin Yoku.

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Paulina Goto has just revealed to us that it is a habit for her to do rituals or practices that help relax the body in contact with the natureso today he published a video in which he talks about the benefits of walking barefoot on the garden or ground.

It all starts when the actress walks on a beautiful gardenshe wears a fresh and loose dress that gives her body freedom to relax, in addition to the fact that this practice helps you connect with yourself and with your essence, since daily occupations prevent this.

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Among the benefits of this practice are that it increases your creativityimproves your daily mood and your health, it also reduces cortisol, which is responsible for stress and anxiety, so it is an excellent alternative to do on a Friday night.

It even helps strengthen the immune system and cognitive function, so many benefits for just walking barefoot for a few minutes, how wonderful, so if you have a garden at home or a small piece of land, give yourself the opportunity to let your feet feel that sensation.

So far they are only news that the actress has shared on her social networks, but surely in the course of days she will surprise us with beautiful outfits or revelations like these, it is very cool that she shares her relaxation methods.

Since the stress of life always has us living on automatic. We miss her sharing outfits that highlight her charms. From Projects The actress has not revealed anything personal, the last thing we knew is that she was the protagonist of the musical Ghost.

Work in which he did wonderfully, he shone like the star he is. We will keep you updated on any novelty that appears on social networks, especially outfits that give their followers ideas to look beautiful wherever they go.

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