Paulina Goto will file a complaint against an Uber driver | Famous

Paulina Goto decided to take Legal action against a driver on the Uber platform who threatened her and made her feel “uncomfortable and insecure” on a journey he made in mid-May.

The actress who previously filed a complaint directly on the taxi app decided to take more drastic action after it determined that It was an “unfortunate misunderstanding”.

“Uber unfortunately determined that the entire situation was due to an ‘unfortunate misunderstanding,’ therefore, the driver who made me feel extremely insecure, and above all, uncomfortable, will not suffer any consequences“, detailed in a statement this Thursday, June 9.

Through the extensive writing that she issued on her social networks, the interpreter in “Mother there are only two” assured that she will go to the indicated instances so that something is done about it for the tranquility and safety of the users.

“In that sense, and because I am concerned about the safety of other people, above all to prevent this type of act that may cause discomfort or insecurity to users from continuing to go unpunished, I have decided to file a complaint with the appropriate authoritiesreiterating that my main intention is to prevent any person from feeling or being in danger,” Goto stated in one of the paragraphs of his letter.

The protagonist of ‘Mis XV’ explained that the company did not take her distressing experience seriously, so the person who would have made her feel in danger continues to work normally, which seems to her a complete mistake and for which she will proceed legally.

“If Uber had taken this event with absolute seriousness, ‘as they say they have done,’ the driver, at the very least, would no longer be providing his services on this platform,” he said. “Primarily to ensure the safety and well-being of other people who might feel, due to their attitude, absolutely insecure, thus preventing any type of violence and/or abusive, excessive or uncomfortable attitudes“He added in his statement.

Paulina Goto did not clarify in the text if the complaint will go only against the driver or also against the company.

In the final part of the statement, she called for users to raise their voices in cases where, like her, they feel at risk.

“Likewise, the I invite you to denounce any fact that makes you feel insecure, to prevent people like the driver from continuing to have this type of attitude that no one should tolerate,” he concluded.

Paulina Goto recapitulated the distressing situation she experienced

In addition to reporting that she decided to report to the authorities, Paulina Goto recounted in detail what happened a few weeks ago on board a unit that she requested through Uber.

“As I posted on my social media, on May 14, 2022 I had an unfortunate and worrying experience with a driver of the platform better known as Uber“He began his text.

“When I got into the car, as usual, I lowered the window – which I do repeatedly as it helps me feel more comfortable -; however, the driver rolled up the window and activated the safety so that he could not lower it again, ”continued his account.

Feeling that his life was at risk, he did not hesitate to ask the driver to stop to get out of the car. Hearing the refusal, he reacted by opening the door of the moving car and then jumping out.

“I respectfully asked him – repeatedly – to lower it or remove the insurance so that I could do it on my own, however, the driver flatly refusedwhich automatically made me feel insecure with his response and, obviously, uncomfortable, so I asked him to pull over so he could get me out of the car, to which the driver only replied in a serious, sarcastic and resounding tone: ‘no nothing’s going to happen to you,’” he recalled.

She recently experienced this event, she shared it with her followers on social networks, promising that she would do the right thing so that the attitude of the person who transferred her was sanctioned. At that time she indicated that she was in good health and that she would keep them updated on the process, as she did recently.