Paulina Goto’s experience in a taxi portrays the anguish we experience daily – Nueva Mujer

The actress Paulina Goto she experienced one of the most distressing moments of her life having to jump out of a moving car when a taxi driver refused to let her down when she asked for it.

What happened to Paulina Goto in a taxi?

During Saturday morning Paulina Goto shared with her followers a complaint about the bad experience she had when getting into an application taxi.

The famous said that the driver had given her the scare of her life and that she shares it so that this does not happen to other people.

“This driver just gave me the scare of my life. I got in the car and lowered the window (I always do it, because it makes me feel safer) and immediately the driver raised it and locked it so that he could not lower it ”

Feeling insecure, she decided to get off before reaching her destination, but the driver refused.

“I asked him to let me lower it again and remove the safety and he said no. I asked her to stop the car, that she wanted to get me off and she told me no, and ‘nothing was going to happen to me’. ”

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The attitude of her driver unleashed a feeling of anguish and insecurity in the actress, so she made a risky decision to protect her integrity.

“I had to open the door and jump out while the car was moving”

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After recovering, she decided to share her story on social networks to alert other users of transportation applications.

“I would not want any woman or other person to feel what I felt last night. These situations can be prevented.

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You also want the app to take action to ensure the safety of its users.

“I decided to make my experience public, not with the intention of harming the company, but with the intention that there be consequences for the driver who put me at risk and for Uber to take advantage of the opportunity and be an example for all platforms, by improving the safety of its users”

After his story went viral, She said that she is already in contact with the application to follow up on her complaint.

“Thank you all for your concern. I repeat that fortunately I’m fine. Thank God it didn’t happen to majors and I’m already in contact with Uber, following up (on my case) to make sure they take action on the matter “

Reactions to Paulina Goto’s complaint

Although many people showed their support for him through messages, there were also some who felt that his reaction had been exaggerated. However, users of social networks came to his defense.

They even shared tips to make sure it doesn’t happen to more people.

They also supported his decision to get out of the vehicle even though it was moving.