Paulina Rubio dedicated an emotional message to her mother, Susana Dosamantes, after her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer | Famous

In this regard, her son Enrique Rubio commented that “she is calm and optimistic about her recovery (…) facing the situation without losing her good sense of humor.”

Paulina Rubio dedicated a message to her mother after being diagnosed with cancer

Through her Instagram account, where she has more than a million followers, Paulina Rubio shared a moving message dedicated to her mother, which she accompanied with a series of photographs where both celebrities appear.

“Mommy, strong woman, that’s how you’ve shown me since I was born. Always warm, full of character and with an imposing personality. Nothing ever stops you. Together we will get ahead, my faith in your speedy recovery is unshakable, ”she reads at the beginning of the text.

The publication immediately received more than 32 thousand likes and comments in which the followers of “La Chica Dorada” wish “prompt healing” and send “love” to Susana Dosamantes.

“You are in very good hands, I know that the doctors who treat you do so with their hearts. Susana I don’t need to tell you because you already know, I love you and we will continue smiling and walking together hand in hand. I know that the light and prayers of all of us who love you are with you. Bobe your grandchildren love you. All together from your hand, beautiful mommy ”, ends the dedication.

Among the more than 1,600 comments that fans wrote in the posts, those of celebrities such as Luis Fonsi, Patricia Manterola, Marjorie de Sousa, Benny Ibarra, Andrea Escalona and Despierta América host Karla Martínez stand out, who sent him “all their love ” to the Mexican stars.

Additionally, the interpreter of the song “Not a single word” shared more snapshots with her mother, which she accompanied with a heart at the bottom of the publication.

Susana Dosamantes and her career in the show

The interpreter, who has conquered the world of entertainment with her talent, debuted in the seventh art in 1968, with the film ‘Remolino de pasiones’, in which she gave life to Gaby and shared the stage with celebrities such as Carlos Piñar, María Teresa Rivas , Amparo Rivelles and Miguel Palmer.

Since then, Susana Dosamantes has gathered several decades of experience and has added to her list films such as ‘Jalisco never loses’, ‘The pleasure of revenge’, ‘Blacker than the night’ and ‘The day of the murderers’.

In addition to theater and cinema, the Si Nos Dejan actress has appeared in successful telenovelas such as ‘Corazón pasionado’, ‘Three times Ana’, ‘Morir to live’ and ‘Rebeca’.

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