Paulina Rubio tenderly shares her message to her hospitalized mother

Paulina Rubio shares a tender message to her hospitalized mother. After various rumours, the singer’s brother, Enrique Rubio, confirmed that her mother, the great actress Susana Dosamantes fights against pancreatic cancer and is admitted to a prestigious hospital in Miami.

Although Paulina Rubio has starred in some controversies, his mother has been his unconditional support and Susana Dosamantes always highlighted not only how talented the golden girl is, but also the great mother she has become.

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Today the story takes a very complicated turn and although Paulina Rubio is in the middle of a very important tour next to Alejandra Guzmán and she also faces a lawsuit with the father of her youngest son, as she rarely opens her heart to send a message of support and love to her mother:

“Mommy, strong woman, that’s how you’ve shown me since I was born. Always warm, full of character and with an imposing personality. Nothing ever stops you. Together we will get ahead, my faith in your speedy recovery is unshakable. You are in very good hands, I know that the doctors who treat you do so with their hearts. Susana I don’t need to tell you because you already know I LOVE YOU and we will continue smiling and walking together hand in hand. I know that the light and prayers of all of us who love you accompany you.

Bobe your grandchildren love you.

All together from your hand, beautiful mamita.”

The interpreter of “Not a single word”, “The last goodbye” and “Mine” He also shared a series of family images where he showed the most loving side of his mother and confirmed that they are doing everything possible so that Susana Dosamantes can recover.

“Si nos dejan” is the most recent telenovela in which Susana Dosamantes participated and it is unknown when the disease was diagnosed, but various celebrities have shown his support for the first actress.

Paulina Rubio, between the controversy and with a lot of faith

This week it was revealed that Gerardo Bazúa sued Paulina Rubio and asks for custody of the son he shares with the singer, because she assures that she has not been attentive to his school performance and that the child is late, in addition that she has taken him out of the country without notifying him and now he asks to retain his passport. Just a few months ago they had reached a custody agreement.

It has also given something to talk about the attitude of Pauline Rubio and Alejandra Guzmán in the series of concerts that they are carrying out in the United States, since little interaction is seen between the singers, who in the past were love rivals for Erik Rubín.

The controversy has not prevented Paulina Rubio from being attentive and aware of everything that happens with her motherbecause now that is his priority and he trusts that a full recovery can be achieved.

It is expected that in the next few dayss the family of Susana Dosamantes give more details about her state of healthalthough they have asked the press for respect in this difficult process, they know that the public wants to know how the actress of “Amalia Batista” is doing.

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