Paulo Londra returns after two years and signs with Warner Music | celebrity | rmmn | SHOWS

After more than two years in silence, the Argentine singer Paul London marks his return to the music scene at the hands of a new record company: Warner Music Latina, where he will start working on his new productions.

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The Argentine interpreter put a stop to his musical career in 2019 after accusing his former producer Big Leagues of deceiving him to sign an exclusivity contract. Today, Londra is back in the business with a new home.

Those responsible for making the news known were Warner Music through their social networks, where they shared a photograph of Paulo Londra fused with a lion and the phrase: “He’s back.” In the image you can also see some broken chains that symbolize the liberation of the rapper.

“I am very happy for this new stage. I waited and went through a lot to be able to do what I love, so I’m through the bad times, I’m getting the good ones, that’s why I started to enjoyPaul Londra said in a statement.

For his part, Alejandro Duque (president of Warner’s Latin division) commented: “We are happy that Paulo has chosen us for this new stage. He was at the forefront from the beginning of his career and with his music he has captivated global audiences”.

Until now, Paulo Londra has avoided making any publication about his return on his social networks; However, it transpired that he is working on his next songs with Warner Music.


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