Paulo Londra returns with ‘Plan A’, which surprises with a rock style

Paul London returned to music with Plan A, a new theme that surprised his fans accustomed to hearing it in reggaeton and trap. Well, at 23 years old, the Argentine singer debuts in the most rock sounds.

Plan A premiered yesterday with music video, where the artist is seen together with another of his passions, basketball. In the video clip, Paulo remains on the bench, while his team loses a game. Finally, the coach sends him to the field to save his teammates.

Why did it take so long to come back?

A Legal problem with his old label, Big Leagues, stopped his career and kept him away from the recording studios for almost three years.

Recently Warner Music He has just bet on the Argentine, so a long musical career awaits him.

So far it is not known if there will be a new album or collaborations, nor if he will try other musical genres; what is real is that the wait was worth it, because in less than 24 hours the video clip exceeds 18 million views on YouTube.