Pedrito Sola takes out claws to defend Alan Estrada is attacked for saying he is gay

The actor Alan Estrada used his social network in Twitter to announce his preferences and shares that he was gay. I also offer your support to the LGBTQ+ communityAfter this, several famous people supported him, but he was also criticized.

With the following message he makes the announcement on the bird’s social network; “I never talk about my private life, my close circle knows that I am gay And I’m surrounded by beautiful people. But this Christmas I have seen many people suffer for their orientation and the rejection of his family”, Alan Estrada began in the tweet, which later became news.

After the criticism to which the actor Alan Estrada became prey, he received the support of several celebrities, including Pedrito Sola, who used his Twitter to share the following words; “Because the vast majority of people still live in obscurantism, my friend, discovering the joto and publicizing it is a pleasure and excites the enclosed envious embarrassed”wrote Pedro Sola, shortly after Alan Estrada’s announcement.

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Alan Estrada announces that he is gay and they attack him. Photo: Instagram

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Given the unpleasant comments that Alan has received, he writes the following on Twitter; I am aware of my position and privilege and I have been using my platforms for the causes in which I believe without being an activist for years. I keep learning and thinking evolves. But I have the right to differ, defend my convictions and way of seeing the world. Regards.”

Messages where Alan Estrada attacks and defends himself. Photo: Screenshot on Twitter.

Some of the comments they write to attack him are; “It did bother me that Alan Estrada was in fifalandia as if nothing had happened. But it makes sense that it’s not relevant to him. The vato belongs to another chatterbox, his life is not in danger just because he is a joto, and many of the injustices that we go through many of him do not even come across.”, “For me @alan_estrada is a reference and probably the person (out of reality) who has influenced and inspired me the most in my entire life. But I can’t help but think that Qatar was a shit… Even so, I still appreciate him a lot.”

Alan Estrada is attacked on Twitter, Photo; instagram

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