Pedro Capó reflects on life and death | shows

A sharing with his eldest son led to Pedro Capo to reflect on life and death, and to capture in the theme PartyWhat he hopes is his funeral.

“(Death) brings us anxiety, fear, uncertainty and we know that there is a pain that remains when we leave. I wanted to go through that fear through music, idealize my funeral and propose another perspective… That life be a celebration and that death too. It is as inevitable as being born, as life, and as natural as being born.” Capó said in an interview with THE SPOKESPERSON.

The single, which premieres this Friday, is accompanied by a video inspired by the painting El Velorio, by Francisco Oller, where the interpreter anticipates his funeral.

The singer-songwriter assured that before he dies he hopes to do and discover much more.

“I live more of experiences. I do not have desires for luxuries and in experiences I have had the blessing of giving myself those pleasures. If I want to jump out of a plane, then I jump out of a plane. There are so many left. Going to India is out there, going to a concert by Juan Luis Guerra, by Paul McCartney, ”she shared.

Likewise, he made it clear that he does not regret anything, “because everything is part of what forms us.”

La Fiesta will be part of the album that he hopes to release in the fall.

Meanwhile, his eldest son, Jahvi Coamex, has become his artistic director by introducing him to music that “refreshes his ear”.

Strengthens relationships

These creative encounters have nurtured the father-son relationship and he hopes the collaborations will continue “as long as it’s natural.”

“It is not something that I take advantage of or that I am pushing. It is something that, if it comes naturally, then we continue, as long as it works for both of us and that it is something nice for both of us. What a gufiao that nurtures our relationship as father and son beyond the relationship of an artistic, creative and professional project. My two little ones, they also teach musical colors and have these concerns”, he explained.

On the other hand, he said that he is “rediscovering love” after divorcing his wife Jessica Rodríguez, with whom he was married for almost two decades.

He has shown little of his new partner on social networks, but he said he is excited “and flourishing with my new love.”

About Rodríguez, he said that love still persists.

“She is the mother of my children who continues to be a great ally in my life. I am grateful for the love I had there and for the love I feel and that we continue to have from another perspective and other capacities. She unites us with the love of our children and a friendship and relationship of 20 years, ”she reiterated.

On the other hand, on May 7 Calma’s voice will return to the Puerto Rican stages with a concert at the Puerto Rico Coliseum, which will mark the beginning of her tour.

“I am nervous. I have butterflies and everything like when I start, but that makes me want to. Returning to Puerto Rico and that the restart is here in the Coliseum has me excited, ”he pointed out.

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