Pedro Fernández consolidates his acting career with Malverde – El Sol de México

When Pedro Fernández received the call that invited him to interpret the life of Jesús Malverde in a television series, the actor did not hesitate to accept the challenge of embodying The Saint of Narcos.

There were two things that caught his attention. First, the opportunity to play a character who lived in reality, a new challenge in his acting career. Second was the possibility of narrating another perspective on the life of this man from Sinaloa who is considered by some to be a kind of Robin Hood.

“Jesús Malverde was a guy who was mistreated as a child, who suffered a lot. That pain awoke in him a thirst for revenge that was translated into justice for his origin (his parents died of hunger). He becomes a guy who defended tooth and nail not only his loved ones, but also entire peoples in court,” says the actor in an interview.

His leading role in Malverde: The patron saint, a series that airs on Unicable at 8:35 p.m., marks his return to television after Until the end of the world, seven years ago. A project that means a break in his career, since it is not a romantic story or a comedy, but a drama with historical overtones that he had never done in more than 40 years of experience.

“For me it represented as if they spoke to me to ask me to go Superman, worth the expression. I mean I never imagined that they would talk to me for something like that. I knew the story and it is something that I loved, it was also time to make a character with this seriousness, “he explains.

The truth is that when the opportunity came to perform Malverde, the actor had to remove some ideas about the character, someone he knew from speech. “But when I got to document myself to find out what he stood for, what his values ​​were, his struggles, I discovered that it was a wonderful story that the public should know about.”

Pedro Fernández wishes that embodying a character like Jesús Malverde allows the public to learn about other nuances of his work, in order to be able to better devote himself to his acting role.

“I think it is a project that will give me the opportunity to show myself as an actor. I don’t know how good, that the public will have the best opinion and time will be the judge. Let’s see if at the end of Malverde I have achieved the objective of showing myself with the capacity that I believe I have, that is what this has meant for me”.

His goals on the small screen continue to grow. After this story, Pedro Fernández already has another brand new project. The actor stars alongside Consuelo Duval, Vadhir Derbez and Antonio Mauri Jr. in the series mariachis, a production that will go to HBO Max.

This does not mean detaching from his facet as a singer, because for this 2022 he plans to launch new musical themes after his last cut, so much fortune. “And I return to the National Auditorium because I return this year. Even if it’s to sell t-shirts outside, but I’m going to be there”, he jokes.