Pedro Sola confessed to having fallen in love with his boss; patty chapoy

surprising statementswhich he has done driver darling of Mexican television, Pedro Sola, in his program windowingWell, even though we all know that it is part of the community LGBTIQassured that one of the women who left him breathless was his boss; Patty Chapoy.

27 years ago, Aztec TV premiered the show program, windowing. At that time, no one knew of the existence of Peter Alone, but, by invitation, he came to the television forums where he met Patty Chapoy.

According to him driverwhen he finally saw in person patty chapoy and recorded the pilot program of windowingVarious sensations passed through him, well, the driver imposed a lot on him, to such a degree that she left him breathless, well, he “fell in love” her.

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It was during the broadcast of its 27th anniversary, when the drivers talked about various stories surrounding the Ventaneando program, for which Pedro Sola took the opportunity to confess the love he felt for Pati Chapoy.

After 27 years I could tell a thousand anecdotes, but the one that impresses me the most is the day I met you when we made the pilot, I was breathless”, said Pedro Sola.

Before the confession, the leader of Ventaneando, Pati Chapoy, responded mischievously to the words of Pedro Sola, with whom she has maintained a long friendship since they dumbbelled as partners in the program.

You fell in love with me, Pedro, there’s no way that’s life,” commented Pati Chapoy, to which Pedro Sola returned: “I fell in love with you, I got all nervous and said: ‘Oh lady’ and you told me: ‘Talk to me of you’, it took me a year to be able to talk to you about you. In the program he talked to you about you, but in life he talked to you about you because he couldn’t, ”he said.

The drivers kept up the joke while they continued to recall more anecdotes about the program that has captivated the Mexican public, since it is the only show program that continues uninterruptedly on Mexican television.

It was on January 22, 1996 when the first Ventaneando program was broadcast under the leadership of Pati Chapoy, who began her career at Televisa. Along with the host, there were also Juan José Origel, Pedro Sola and Martha Figueroa, which makes them the original members of the broadcast.

Also, patty chapoy He was not looking to be in the picture, since he had the idea of ​​staying in production, however, it was Salinas Pliego himself who asked him to stay and lead the project.

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