Pedro Sola defends Juan José Origel from accusation of child abuse “it’s envy”

Mexico.- The Leonese journalist John Joseph Origin was accused of sexual abuse by the influencer Peraki Sotoand one of the first to defend him was his friend and former co-worker, Peter Alone.

Although the man from Veracruz clarified that he had been engaged in prostitution since he was 16 years old and that he was only once with Pepillo Origel, the former driver of “The snack” began to be the target of criticism.

The journalist from León gave his reply on the television program “The sun rises”where he denied it and said that people who know him know who he is.

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Later, he posted a picture of his father, Jose Origel Orozcoto remember one of the pieces of advice he always gave him, to forgive whoever offended him.

Father! Jose Origel Orozco! How I miss you! I will never forget when you told me: ‘always forgive those who offend you and hurt you, there is nothing that infuriates him more than that’! Thanks Dad! This is life!” Juan José Origel wrote on Instagram.

He accompanied the message with a black and white photo of his father who, according to followers, had a lot of poise.

One of the first to defend him was Pedrito Sola, who believes that what Peraki Soto said is out of envy and mediocrity.

You are absolutely right, people try to hurt for various reasons and a very important one is envy.

“Pepillo” shared a photograph of his father, José Origel Orozco, who always advised him to forgive. Photo: Special.

The mediocre can’t stand the success of others”, concluded Pedro Sola.

Followers of Pepillo seconded Uncle Pedrito and endorsed their love and support.

We love you Pepillo”, “You knew words”, “God have him in his Holy glory, you knew and certain words”, “Your dad with a lot of personality just like you Pepillo. Greetings”, “You are right”, they wrote to him.

Pepillo was invited to the “Ventaneando” program by Pati Chapoy and Pedro Sola, with whom he maintains a friendship. Photo: Special.

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